lunar eclipse July 1 2011I generally reserve my posts on the faster moving cycles for my Facebook and Twitter pages, but we have a few things going on right now that are worth mentioning here.

First, the Sun is moving into a potentially challenging alignment with Uranus and Pluto that will last until the solar eclipse on July 1st.  I see this eclipse event as the trigger for the big Uranus/Pluto square which is as close in July (less than two degrees) as it will be until the two clash for real next year.

As individuals, we have a number of different influences that make up our personality.  These are clearly identified in our birthchart which makes it easier to understand how these different facets of our personality interact and work together or clash.  As the Sun moves closer to the exact square to Uranus on June 26th and to Pluto on June 28th these different facets within us could become more difficult to integrate.  Remember that planetary cycles don’t create problems for us unless there is something that requires adjustment in order to find balance.

The Sun is a powerful force that illuminates our lives with nourishing warmth, but that powerful force, when strongly aspected with the planet of revolution (Uranus) and the planet of endings and new beginnings (Pluto) will likely reveal to us areas of our life where these different facets of ourselves require integration.

It’s human nature to avoid pain and seek pleasure, so when we are in a difficult time it’s tempting to hide out and wait until it’s over.  But if we utilize these intense cycles we can make tremendous progress in our personal growth.

Transiting Mars is in Gemini right now and everything moves a little more quickly which can be an aid in taking the kinds of action (Mars) that will create real change in our lives.  This will be a little more difficult over the next week because Mars is in a strong square to Neptune which confuses things and can sap our energy.  Mars will then face off against Chiron on the 28th which could bring up some emotional patterns which have been stuck in the subconscious but which require release so that we can move past them.

I’ll be posting more on the eclipse chart, but once again the Sun/Moon conjunction at the New Moon eclipse forms a grand cross with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.  This is a little bit like deja vu all over again since  we had similar alignments last summer.  But all of this is preparing us for the big square of Uranus and Pluto next year.

The Uranus/Pluto square is dealing with major transformational forces rather than personal ones, so it is more likely to play out with great force in the global arena than in our private lives unless it directly aspects our individual chart.  (It will aspect my Chiron exactly next year – I can hardly wait!! [tongue in cheek])

In the meantime we can prepare by becoming more aware and conscious of our emotions and our inner world.  When you said you would do something did you really want to say no?  What are the feelings that keep you awake at 3 am?  Now is the time to give voice to the splintered parts of ourselves that keep us from feeling whole.

The Sun will point the way.

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