Uranus transitThere are some planetary cycles that visit all of us at around the same time of our lives.  Many of you are familiar with the Saturn Return, the first one of which occurs around age 28-30 and brings with it the call of responsibility, Saturn’s baileywick.  The outer planets, being farther away from the Sun, have bigger cycles.  Uranus, for example, takes 84 years to orbit the Sun to the Uranus return occurs at around age 84.

The outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) inspire us to transform our lives – they don’t dabble in the personal realm like the traditional planets do.  Uranus cycles (the opening square at age 21-22, the opposition at age 41-42, the closing square at 61-63 and the return at age 84) always ask this question:  What are you doing with your life, and does it reflect your authentic self?

In my own life I’ve had a lot going on the past few years.  Typical Second Saturn Return stuff:  My mother’s illness and death, having to trademark my blog after a threat of a lawsuit from a Big Portal Site, rebuilding the blog, challenges with my work team, three house renovations and cleaning out my mother’s house, the death of my beloved dog, my husband’s retirement, a new dog, the illness and death of my sister’s husband… all typical things that happen in a person’s life, but packed into a small amount of time.

The Uranus square follows the Saturn Return and suddenly I’m looking at my life and everything I have manifested over the past 20 years, since the last Uranus cycle, and trying to get clear about what is really important and feels right, and what I am just doing out of habit.

In my own chart Saturn is in a challenging square to Uranus, so the Saturn transits hit Uranus and Uranus hits Saturn, bringing out the dichotomy between responsibility and the structures we create (Saturn) and the part of us that wants to leave everything behind and create a different life for ourselves (Uranus).

Uranus is electrical in nature, and under a transit of Uranus to the chart our nervous system is often affected.  Towards the middle of the cycle last summer I realized that if I didn’t slow down and start taking care of myself I was going to start having serious health problems.   I stopped doing readings and am only now starting up again.  I cleaned up my diet, restarted a regular practice of  meditation and yoga and kept my calendar clear.

I’m afraid this blog was one of the casualties of this navel gazing for awhile.  I never meant to be gone for so long and have had so many ideas of things to write about!  I am just finishing the big Uranus transit, though it will be sitting right on my planets through May.  But Uranus rules astrology after all, so this is a very good time to resume my regular writing practice which is a meditation, after all.

I am grateful to those of you still visiting this blog despite the lack of posts, and promise to have more interesting things for you to read in the very near future.

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