Leslie from Karmic Knowledge writes today on President Bush as Warmonger in Chief:

It’s not difficult to understand why George W. Bush is stubbornly set in his approach to war when you take a close look at his hands. Bush has a very short Saturn finger (middle finger). Associated with accountability, integrity and the ability to follow rules, a short finger shows a disdain for said rules. Consider the number of times Bush has added a signing statement to newly passed laws. Some estimate it to be over 700. As Saturn is the finger of conservatism and security, Bush’s lack of length shows that, without a doubt, he is neither a conservative nor concerned with true security.

President Bush also has a short head line. He makes quick decisions and does not spend a lot of time on the details. He has a rather large thumb on his right hand, revealing a strong will and a desire to control.

In this photo we can clearly see that Bush’s Mercury finger (the pinkie or little finger) tilts at an angle away from the other fingers. In Palmistry slang we say this shows the attitude of “nobody’s going to tell me what to do.”

What is most disturbing about Bush’s hand is the size of his Mound of Mars.. This is the area indicated in red on the diagram to the left. Clearly visible on the President’s right and left hands is a fold of tissue on his Mound of Mars. The only way such a fold can exist is if the mound is excessively fleshy. Any mound on the hand that is excessive in size indicates a disproportionate abundance of the energies associated with that part of the hand.

Mars was the Roman god of war and ruled leaders, soldiers, pioneers, athletes, fanatics and tyrants. When the mound is overly large, Mars can be impatient, brutish, violent, uncontrollable, aggressive, vengeful and hot-headed. The crease in George Bush’s Mound of Mars acts like a rut, causing an inability to see any other course of action.

Combined with disregard for rules, shortsightedness and a strong will, it is no surprise that the president is quick to dismiss any advice that goes against his vision of a “Long War.”

This corresponds very nicely to Bush’s astrological profile.

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