Thanks to Al for this link to a great video of Rick Levine, one of the founders of the great StarIQ site, who writes the sun sign column for and BeliefNet.  One thing I really like about Rick’s “horoscopes” is that he doesn’t pretend to make predictions for each Sun sign; instead he is looking at the planetary weather through the lens of each sign.

In this video Rick describes the relationship between astrology and particle wave theory in a way that makes it easy to understand.  He also discusses the fallacy of predictive astrology.   He reminds us that modern life is very different than life in earlier centuries, and that we have more free will because we have more “metaphysical mobility”

In this video, Rick completely and eloquently expresses my own view of the alchemical nature of the astrological consultation in helping us to transform our reality.  Rick makes a very logical case for the way in which we use the conscious mind to help to determine our fate, just as a sailor can use the force of the winds to direct a ship.

The video can’t be embedded, so follow this link to see it.

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