Robert Wilkinson is the author of Aquarius Papers, one of the earliest astrology blogs and still one of the best.  He writes today of one of his readers in India who sought astrological advice in his home country and was told to wear an amulet to ward off bad karma. Robert has some good advice for his reader, as always:

First, regardless of whichever bangle you choose, your life will shift for the good in just a few weeks anyway if you mobilize your intensity and focus on beginning the favorable “journey” about to come to you….

I do not accept the power of bangles as something greater than the indwelling Atman (Spirit) which is supreme over all material things. You have the supreme power within you, much more than any thing or stone on Earth. While sapphires do have a unique and special energy, they are nothing compared to the Divine Power within YOU that you can summon at any time and change your life forever in that moment.

This is well established by many respectable Gurus, Saddhus, and other wise beings. Though a bangle can have an effect, there is no power greater than your own Spirit to change unfortunate karmas to good effects almost immediately. I have seen this countless times over many decades of counseling people in urgent need. A being only needs bangles if they give the power to external material things. As soon as you surrender to the Universal power within you, your karmas will change forever. Atman is forever greater than any forms or material tendencies.

To paraphrase the great Jivanmukti Sri Yukteswar, Paramanhansa Yogananda’s guru, the deeper the Self-realization of a man (or woman) the more s/he experiences the whole Universe by his/her subtle Spiritual vibrations, and the less they themselves are affected by the phenomenal flux.

At this point, I suggested some personal antidotes to their specific planetary configurations. So I will take some key points that may be useful for all of us to remember as we slog through this impermanent world of the 5 senses and the mind.

We are all born with a special spiritual karma to fulfill. But given we are human beings we often confuse needs and wants, and often have not learned how to use the right means to get to our ends. We can achieve great good when we stop blunting our power and learn to focus on what is the greatest good for the greatest number, since when everyone is benefited then we will be as well.

We all have the capacity to cultivate compassion, and this affords us a certain protection as we move through life’s storms. We are altruistic and idealistic beings, but often learn unfortunate habits that divert our Higher energies to lesser behaviors. This is why it’s good to cultivate deep meditations, since that allows us to attract what is true, good, and beautiful with specificity.

We all need to stop setting our sights so low! We all have excellent talents, but suffer from a lack of largeness of vision. If we could live in the Eternal Now witnessing our Divine estate, we would not fall into traps of feeling inadequate arising from ego limitations. We tend to place many internal rules and limitations in the way of our progress, and due to human experiences often expect the negative instead of the positive. Obviously this magnetism creates effects.

If we can learn to expect positive results even in the midst of difficulty, we can change the magnetics, and thus the effects. Since our own apprehensions often magnetize negative expectations into manifestation, if we change our magnetism we change the effects. We have far more power to bring forth positive manifestations than we believe. We only need to shift our point of view and do what it takes to identify consciously with our Divine Essence, and be patient as the magic of Spirit works unerringly to bring forth what is in our Divine plan, which is always the greater Good.

As we embrace our Divine Protection and welcome EVERY opportunity to grow into worldly effectiveness everything will change forever. Many times we need a good creative challenge more than a sapphire or any other external thing. Even when we go through losses, we need to stop viewing them as defeats. It is better to see these 8th house matters as protections taking us away from those who could harm us or create negative future karmas. Eliminating a negative tendency in the present is a good inoculation against them happening in the future.

Often our successes come as we cultivate more self-confidence without antagonisms and get a much broader point of view as to our higher possibilities. Each of us has a Dharma, or “true” Higher function. Once we get beyond misinterpretations based in limited views, then we can antidote negative personality magnetisms. Many things in our lives turn for the better when we focus and stop looking to externals as having power to hinder us. Discontent is unhelpful if we are looking to better our career. If we would prosper, we must magnetize positive future expectations….

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