It’s no secret that the most brilliant comedians are often depressed and angry individuals who release their frustration through comedy, and Rosie O’Donnell is no exception. Rosie was born with the Sun in Aries, the sign that is ruled by the god of war. The Aries influence is dynamic and inspirational but can also be rebellious and impulsive. Rosie O’Donnell exhibits all of these character traits.

Mars in her chart, the planet that rules her Aries Sun, falls in the mystical and adaptable sign of Pisces. When the fiery god of war (Mars) is expressed through the watery sign of empathy and the subconscious (Pisces), there is a tendency for unconscious resentments, anger turned inward into depression. In addition, Pisces tends to shrink from conflict so Mars in Pisces can produce passive aggressive behavior that doesn’t confront a problem directly but instead is outwardly peaceful (Pisces) but subtly sabotages a situation.

Mars in Rosie’s chart is conjunct Mercury, the planet of communication and transmission of ideas, a combination that links her aggressive instinct (Mars) with her thoughts and words (Mercury). Because Mercury is also in sensitive Pisces, Rosie is extremely empathic and compassionate to those around her, but she can also become a warrior (Mars) with words (Mercury) when she is crossed. Both Mars and Mercury are conjunct Chiron, the god of wounding and healing, which suggests a hypersensitivity that can be very reactive.

This Mars/Mercury/Chiron combination is opposed by Pluto, the planet of power and transformation. When the god of war faces off with the god of the underworld, there are power struggles and a sense of frustration that both generates a tremendous amount of physical energy but also can lead to an underlying rage. Mercury in opposition to Pluto shows an individual with an intensely probing mind who can become overly obsessive. Because in Rosie’s chart her frustration and rage is difficult to express through the watery Pisces influence, she carries that frustration around within her where it leaks out at inopportune moments, such as Rosie’s recent feuds with Donald Trump and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Rosie’s independence as shown by her Aries Sun is exacerbated by an opposition in her chart between Jupiter’s confidence and expansive tendencies to the rebellion and radical behavior of Uranus. This is a revolutionary and will dynamic that seeks to overturn the status quo and achieve liberation. Rosie’s revolutionary tendencies upsets the more conservative members of society, but these tendencies are wired into her chart and define who she really is.

Still, Rosie’s Libra Moon shows that at the core she craves peace and harmony and desires to please those around her and establish effective partnerships. Conflict upsets her and she likely finds it difficult to handle the tremendous amount of controversy that her behavior generates. Rosie has been going through some difficult cycles involving Mars (aggression and anger), her progressed Moon (emotions and sensitivity) and her Sun (her essential identity). She is likely experiencing quite a bit of personal distress, and her job provides her with an outlet for release through controversy. This summer will bring her into an increasingly powerful series of Mars cycles that could lead to more and more frustration, but in the fall these cycles become more positive and it may become easier for her to integrate her anger in a way that is more productive.

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