If the opposition from Saturn to Neptune at 17 degrees Leo/Aquarius is affecting a sensitive point in your birthchart you may find yourself feeling destabilized as the pressure to contract and give form (Saturn) conflicts with Neptune’s pull to dissolve our reality. The exercise of a regular spiritual practice (such as daily meditation or yoga) has been helpful during this time since it harnesses the discipline required by Saturn with the pull of Neptune to go beyond ordinary reality. This wonderful quote from Rumi describes this process and gives a hint to the transcendence required here.

Define and narrow me, you starve yourself of yourself.
Nail me down in a box of cold words, that box is your coffin.
I do not know who I am,
I am in astounding lucid confusion.
I am not a Christian, I am not a Jew, I am not a Zoroastrian,
And I am not even a Muslim.
I do not belong to the land, or to any known or unknown sea.
Nature cannot own or claim me, nor can heaven,
Nor can India, China, Bulgaria,
My birthplace is placelessness,
My sign to have and give no sign.
You say you see my mouth, ears, yes, nose—they are not mine.
I am the life of life.
I am that cat, this stone, no one.
I have thrown duality away like an old dishrag,
I see and know all times and worlds,
As one, one, always one.
So what do I have to do to get you to admit who is speaking?
Admit it and change everything!
This is your own voice echoing off the walls of God.

– Rumi

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