In yesterday’s post I reviewed the reasoning behind the various charts for “modern Russia,” the nation that emerged after the fall of the Soviet Union. The one I have selected is the chart from the declaration of independence by the Russian Federation.

The Gemini Sun, showing a tendency towards change and a facility with different roles, sits right on the Midheaven which in traditional astrology is considered a symbol of great power. This is a singleton Sun, meaning it makes no traditional aspects to any other planet (other than a square to the ascendant). This reflects the isolation of modern Russia which stands alone without any real allies. Russia is linked to China and to Iran, but those relationships are tenuous at best and primarily serve the purpose of opposing the US (more on that later).

The Moon in this chart is in Aquarius, illustrating that the political entity that we know as modern Russia is concerned primarily with matters of reason rather than emotion. With Virgo rising in the chart there is a focus on details and a dislike of blatant expressions of ego. This is also interesting because the South Node of this chart is in Leo, showing that a focus on the ego of the nation is in the past. We no longer see the loud declarations of power coming out of Russia as in the cold war; instead there is a quiet and strategic attention to the details (Virgo) which has brought about a significant improvement in the economics of the country.

That quiet Virgoan strategy is offset somewhat by the placement of Mars, denoting the aggressive instincts of the nation, in its own sign of Aries and in the seventh house of partnership. Mars makes a sextile to the Moon, indicating that the soul of the country (Moon) is tied in with its ability to defend itself (Mars). Mars in the seventh house shows a fierce independence in its partnerships as well as an eager willingness to do battle (Mars) with allies (seventh house) in order to prove its autonomy (Aries).

Jupiter in the chart is in Cancer, the sign of tribal affiliation, which tends to show a strong nationalistic fervor in a country; however, Jupiter conjuncts Chiron which reveals a painful process in achieving this. Russia is comprised of over 150 different ethnic groups which do not coexist in easy harmony, and much of the tension in the country results from these warring factions.

Most interesting is the exact opposition of Venus to Pluto in the chart. Venus of course is the planet of relationships, and we have already noted the presence of the god of war (Mars) in the Venus-ruled seventh house. This is not a nation that forges alliances easily, and with both the Sun and Mercury in Gemini there is a tendency to be very changeable in one’s nature and focus at any given time. The opposition of Pluto to Venus shows as I said yesterday that some of Russia’s worst enemies are its partners. This aspect engenders a tremendous amount of fear and distrust.

Transiting Pluto has been squaring the ascendant in this chart over the past couple of years, and the world has witnessed the darker and more secret side of the Russian government with the suspected poisoning of the Russian spy Litvinenko and growing suspicion of Putin’s desire to stay in power despite the semblance of fair elections.

Speaking of Putin – while Putin has a Libra Sun and three other planets in Libra in the twelfth house (the unconscious and that which is hidden), his thirst for power comes from a Scorpio ascendant and the placement of chart ruler Pluto exactly conjunct the Midheaven in his chart. The Putin that is seen by the public is the Pluto/Scorpio Putin, and the Libra Putin is most likely seen only in the most private of private spaces. This quest for power has driven his career, and with Jupiter square to Pluto in his chart, especially in the fixed signs of Leo and Taurus, he is quite rigid and dogmatic as well.

Mars in Putin’s chart falls right on the nadir of the Russian chart, opposing its Midheaven and squaring the ascendant which illustrates how Putin’s aggressive tendencies (Mars) serve to stimulate change in the country (nadir/ Midheaven) as well as stir up alliances (ascendant/ descendant). Planetary aspects to the angles of another chart show a profound influence on that other chart, and we have certainly seen that with Vladmir Putin and modern Russia. Transiting Pluto has been crossing over the nadir of the Russian chart and opposing its Midheaven as well as squaring the ascendant , and transiting Putin’s Mars at the same time, since the end of 2005.

In early 2005, when Pluto was two degrees away from Putin’s Mars and exactly conjunct the Russian ascendant, it became clear that Putin was consolidating power in Russia and weakening democratic reforms. President Bush may have thought he saw Putin’s soul, but an individual with four planets in Libra is a very good flatterer and diplomat. Libra is a mirror, and Putin was able to mirror to Bush exactly what he wanted to see.

Now, with transiting Pluto making its final pass across the Russian ascendant and Putin Mars, Putin has taken some radical steps to increase the strength of his power — increasing his control of the media and dissolving the government in advance of elections. He has also been aligning himself with Germany and forging new alliances with Syria and Iran in an effort to erode the power of a United States weakened by an unpopular war.

The real test of the accuracy of this chart of Russia will come in 2012, when transiting Pluto will square the Russian Mars at 8 degrees Aries. Transiting Uranus will approach a conjunction to this Mars at the same time which should make for a very interesting end of the Mayan calendar!!!


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