Although the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain is celebrated for convenience on October 31st to coincide with Hallowe’en or All Hallows Eve, it actually occurs at the midpoint between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice.  This is also the midpoint of Scorpio, the dark season where the veils between the world begin to thin and it becomes easier to cross between them.

This year the Taurus Full Moon falls within one degree of the Samhain point – the Sun at 15 degrees Scorpio.  The power of this lunar opening at this degree encourages us to open more fully and walk courageously into the underworld of our own existence, finding the quiet power that lies within.  While the power of the earlier Scorpio stellium is lessening, there are still three planets in Scorpio which continue the focus on the power of emotions and feelings to transform and regenerate new life from the ashes of the past.

Every Full Moon consists of the Sun and Moon in opposite signs, so there is a need for integration and balance. The Taurus/Scorpio polarity is one of holding on and letting go. Taurus dislikes change and prefers stability, which can create stagnation. The Scorpio end of the polarity forces transformation in the form of destruction which is uncomfortable, but ultimately helps to move us forwards in our personal evolution as the regeneration cycle occurs.

With the Taurus Full Moon we are leaning towards the Taurus end of the spectrum as the Sun invites us to consider the dark arts of Scorpio to help let go of the past and welcome the Taurean peace and serenity that comes from being anchored into the Earth.  At this Taurus Full Moon we seek to find stability in the midst of this Scorpionic cauldron of personal transformation.  Achieving equanimity at this time is not easy, because the approaching conjunction from Mars (drive and desires) to Pluto (destruction/regeneration) is ramping up the intensity even more.

Mars is also beginning to square Uranus (radical behavior) so the desire to break free from restriction is accentuated and the whole idea of destroying the past where it no longer serves us becomees even more pronounced. (Read more about the Mars adventure here.)

In addition, Ceres (self-care) squares Neptune at the Full Moon which makes it important to consider during this time what we need to feel balanced and nourished at the soul level.

Fortunately the Sun and Venus harmonize with Chiron (personal healing), helping to support and awaken our own inner transformation and opening the heart with greater trust and confidence.  Any Chiron aspect requires that we pay attention in mindful awareness to the emotions that flow through our body and our energetic system so that we can more easily release the pain and hurt of the past and emerge reborn.

This is really a thrilling time, even though it’s not an easy time.  As humans we tend to seek pleasure and avoid discomfort, and this kind of stretching and pulling as we evolve and let go of our old selves isn’t always easy.  But in the end these times offer the greatest gift of all if we can only pay attention.

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