water warsOne of the world’s largest cities is in an unprecedented water crisis.  Sao Paulo, South America’s largest city and the twelfth largest city in the world, is expected to run out of water by June of 2015.  Much of the drought in Brazil is due to the deforestation of the Amazon which increases the levels of heat and reduces rainwater.

Aside from air, living things most need water to survive.  When water disappears, the wealthy are able to purchase water such as we saw last year when billionaires paid millions of dollars to import water to their Montecito California estates.

California is in what is being called the worst drought in a millenium.  Climate change has reduced the amount of snowpack melt in the mountains which in the past has served to irrigate the farms that provide fresh produce to the rest of the world.  To stave off “desertification” water is being pumped from the ground at a faster pace than it can recharge.

A drought emergency has been declared in thirteen counties in Oregon.  California and Arizona are battling over access to water from the Colorado River.  Israel is cutting off access to water in its ongoing war against the Palestinians.  Unprecedented growth in both China and India is causing tensions over the damming of rivers that provide water to both countries.

This comprehensive listing of water wars over the past three millenia provide an interesting history of conflicts over water.  It’s interesting to note the acceleration of conflict over water beginning in 2002, just before Uranus entered Pisces, the sign associated with the ocean.  Uranus is dry by nature – it rules electricity and lightning storms as well as thunder and radical rebellious behavior.  Uranus remained in Pisces until 2011, and shortly thereafter Neptune entered Pisces.  Where Uranus is dry, Neptune as the modern ruler of Pisces has a wet and dreamy quality.  Under Neptune in Pisces it’s easy to ignore the alarm bells of drought and in fact, climate change is creating conditions that are conducive to flooding in some areas while others are drying up.

Pluto represents destruction and rebirth – it is often associated with experiences that devastate and require rebuilding such as the economic collapse that occurred when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008.  Pluto will leave Capricorn for Aquarius in 2023 and will remain there until 2043.  Aquarius, like its modern ruler Uranus, is a dry sign.  It has to do with issues of fairness and social justice, but also is associated with unusual weather patterns and an increase in earthquake activity.  Pluto in Aquarius is almost certain to bring about destruction (Pluto) through drought (Aquarius) and associated acts of terror and rebellion.

In fact, global economists predict that by 2030 (right on astrological schedule) water shortages will be so dire that wars over water will become a major threat.  I expect that by the time Pluto enters Pisces in 2043 we will see major wars being fought over water.

My readers know that I try to always cushion the blow of an upcoming challenging event with a variety of things to help make a difficult period easier.  This kind of global warfare is not something that one individual can change and the more out of balance the world becomes the more intense the destruction period of Pluto will be in order to achieve the rebirth of a new and more fair order of things.

All we can do is begin with ourselves – clear our personal issues that keep us from being able to experience joy in our lives and be effective in achieving our goals.  Love our neighbors and our family too.  Share our bounty with others and take care of the poor and the sick.  These are all Christian (Piscean) principles that are too rarely seen in our modern society, but these are the keys to achieving both personal and global harmony in a world that has lost its way.

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