Palin ChartMany of you have asked me to post her chart, so here is the Solar chart, using noon as the birthtime since the time is unavailable.  I know that Jude Cowell is using a sunrise chart which is for 7:06 am.  WIth all respect to Jude, I prefer the noon chart because it provides a better idea of the placement of the Moon which travels about a degree every two hours

Update: Sally McDonald at Astrowold has posted a 4:40 pm time that came from astrologer Claudia Dikinis, via Margie Herskovitz from NCGR.  Until there’s some kind of confirmation I’m hesitant to use a birth time. BUT, the buzz around the astrosphere has speculated a Leo ascendant, and the 4:40 pm time does have Leo rising although any afternoon birthtime will have the Moon in Aquarius which makes less sense to me.

Update 2:  Sally’s friend Claudia tells me that an AFAN newsletter reports the birth time of 4:40 pm is AA (reliable).  Still no word on the source, though.

All of these “sudden revelations” about Sarah Palin do smack of Uranus, though, and sure enough using this chart we have transiting Uranus retrograding over her progressed Midheaven.  That would fit perfectly with her being picked out of nowhere and then this rapid meltdown.

I’ll post more as it comes available.

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