Sarah Silverman, the outrageous but adorable comic star of Comedy Central’s “The Sarah Silverman Program,” has been canned from that network.  The Guardian calls Silverman “the most taboo-breaking comedian working in America today.”

The cancellation comes on the heels of a fiasco on the TED internet network in which she did a comedy piece on adopting a retarded child that garnered terrible reviews from everyone including TED’s organizer.

Silverman’s astrological chart shows a highly creative conjunction of the Sun to Neptune in fun-loving Sagittarius, and Mercury (the mind) is in Sag as well.  Sagittarius is eternally optimistic, needing lots of freedom and room to expand one’s horizons.   Mercury in Silverman’s chart is in a challenging square to Pluto, taking her mind (Mercury) into the underworld (Pluto) of human darkness to find her (Sagittarian) humor.

Her Moon is in the more structured sign of Capricorn which drives her to be successful and to work harder than the Sagittarian nature is really comfortable with.  That Capricorn Moon can be somewhat cold and unemotional in its journey to success, especially since it’s in a challenging square to Uranus, planet of revolution and innovation. This Uranus/Moon square gives her that biting edge and that deeply rebellious sense of humor that seeks to break through all barriers of good taste and good sense.

Silverman has Mars (aggressive instincts) in Libra, the planet of harmony and relationships, which wraps the barbs of her commentary in a cocoon of Libra charm.

Transiting Uranus is has been setting off Silverman’s natal Mercury/Pluto square since last year, encouraging even more outrageous (Uranus) ideas (Mercury) that probe the boundaries of the subconscious (Pluto).  This transit will continue into next year, so we have not seen the last of Silverman’s iconoclastic and outrageous, yet adorable, antics.

Sarah Silverman on Martin Luther King (warning: contains expletives and relatively  shocking subject matter).

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