I couldn’t help but laugh at the synchronicity of this article in light of Saturn (challenges) in the sign of Libra (love and romance) at the moment:


have become a sort of anti-Cupid for city singles, in some cases slowing the progress of budding relationships and in others bringing romance to a dead stop.

“Condoms don’t protect against bedbugs,” observed Cameron Macay, a 29-year-old student who lives in Williamsburg. Macay, who is single, admits to panic whenever he stays over at a woman’s apartment and feels even a little itchy at night.

It’s still easier to get herpes than bedbugs (one in five Americans has herpes; about one in ten New Yorkers has bedbugs), and sexually-transmitted diseases are a far more serious risk for amorous New Yorkers. But many city dwellers have an outsized fear of contracting the tiny pests in the course of a one-night stand or a burgeoning relationship.

A bedbug infestation, like a torrid romance, briefly and suddenly consumes the lives of the afflicted — only the insects stick their victims with weeks of cleaning and vacuuming, thousands of dollars in expenses and continuous stress. Simply put, it’s a lot easier to break up with a human than a bedbug.

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