Part II.
As we begin the final square of the current cycle in the dance between Saturn and Pluto, what can we expect? The opening salvo in this square occurs on November 15, and Saturn and Pluto will be in a tight aspect through the second phase of the cycle in January of 2010. The Saturn/Pluto cycle operates on a global level, but also on a personal level. What will we need to let go of personally (Pluto) in order to achieve a firmer footing (Saturn) in our lives? Where do we need to face the hard truth (Saturn) and break through barriers for change (Pluto)?

The fact that Pluto is traveling through Saturn’s sign of Capricorn is significant, as it provides a double emphasis on the need to build a strong foundation (Saturn/Capricorn) from which we can derive real power and transformation (Pluto). Anywhere we have been deluded or swayed by mass hypnosis into unconsciousness, we will have an awakening that can be exhilarating or rude in accordance with our ability to understand the process.

The impact of this Saturn/Pluto square will be particularly powerful in the United States because it is affecting the Midheaven of the US chart, the point of the government and its standing in the world. Events that were set in place during the opening square and the opposition will come to fruition now, for better or for worse.

The conflict between Saturn and Pluto often generates a great deal of fear, particularly in the face of intense events that occur around us. Any time we encounter Pluto in its guise as the Lord of Death we can become fearful in the face of the certainty of endings and change. But Saturn requires that we face our obligations and work diligently to overcome them, regardless of the obstacles that are placed in our path. In doing so we become stronger and more powerful; better able to navigate any rough waters that we encounter.

If this planetary combination affects your own chart, you are being called to find the delicate edge between control (Saturn) and surrender (Pluto). This is a creative balancing act that is taught in many yoga classes, where we become aware of the edge of our ability to control our lives and our experience, and then we surrender as we release that control to go beyond those limits.

In the square aspect, such as we see here with Saturn and Pluto, there is the potential to integrate the power of the two planets in an experience of powerful transformation. But first we must embrace the darkness and dive into the unknown with perfect love and trust.

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