Since Saturn turned retrograde on November 22, 2005, we have been forced to slow down and carefully examine all options before moving forward. Saturn rules discipline, delay and disappointment, and when retrograde all of this becomes internalized. Blinders are put on us so that we are unable to look at anything but the goal. During Saturn retrograde periods it is difficult to move forward, and impulsive behavior is kept in check.

Saturn’s retrograde turn has been particularly difficult because of the opposition with Chiron. Chiron represents areas both within ourselves and in the global consciousness that are painful and wounded, and Saturn puts pressure on those wounds – forcing them into our awareness where they can be healed. The Chiron/Saturn opposition is producing a world “healing crisis” (see this article for more details, and Saturn while stationary applied constant pressure. When Saturn turns direct on April 5, we will begin to see more forward movement as changes are put in place to alleviate dysfunction on both a personal and global level. Saturn is moving towards another opposition to Chiron and this healing crisis is likely to reach a climax when this occurs in June.

Saturn has been traveling in Leo since July 17, and since that time it has been challenging world leaders (Leo is the sign of Kings, and Saturn creates an environment of restriction and limitation). During this period the world’s leaders have been working hard to claim more power, and have been thwarted in the process. Some are losing power (President Bush) and some are gaining power and becoming more vocal (Iran’s leaders), and some countries have lost their leadership entirely (Israel and the Palestinian people). This is a cleansing process as the political structure works to achieve balance in the world, and we may see more crisis within nations as the process continues.

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