I hope you have enjoyed the breather over the past couple of weeks with no retrograde planets – Saturn turns retrograde today and will appear to travel backwards from our perspective on earth until April 19. When planets appear to move backwards their influence is somewhat stronger as they revisit sensitive points in our chart and cause us to re-do and re-think various aspects of our lives.

Saturn is the god of restriction and discipline, and also the bringer of material wealth and success. Cesar Millan on the show “The Dog Whisperer” always to “rules, boundaries and limitations” as being beneficial to dogs, and they are beneficial to us as well. Without these rules, boundaries and limitations we are likely to grow lazy and complacent.

With Saturn traveling retrograde we become more acutely aware of those limitations and restrictions, and this can be difficult for those of us who have very airy or fiery charts who crave freedom and inspiration above all else. Saturn bestows rewards on those who work hard; when you bump up against one of Saturn’s restrictions (car wrecks, spinal injuries, joint problems, difficulties at work, financial issues) step back and make a plan for overcoming the difficulty. You will see tremendous results during strong Saturn periods.

Saturn is nearly trine Pluto now, and Pluto’s ability to create transformation harmonizes well with Saturn’s urge to create form. This is a beautiful time for manifestation and creating a new vision for your life. With Saturn retrograde it could take time for your vision to take root, but discipline in watering and nurturing the seeds of creation will result in a new flowering of your life’s possibilities.

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