As you know if you’ve been reading this and other astrology columns over the past six months or so, we are in the middle of a major planetary cycle involving an opposition between Saturn, and its desire to create societal structures such as buildings but also governments and marriages, to Neptune, the planet which seeks a detachment from our physical reality in order to bring us into contact with a deeper state of being.

The opposition is a “hard” aspect, meaning that there is a tension between the two planets which makes it more difficult to realize the more beneficial qualities of the two planets. In its highest form the combination of Saturn and Neptune creates a society (Saturn) which is grounded (Saturn) in spiritual ideals (Neptune) that exhibits compassion and universal love (Neptune). But because humans are not yet perfect, the Saturn/Neptune cycle more typically brings the dissolution and breakdown (Neptune) of the structures upon which society depends (Saturn). (See earlier article for more details on this cycle.)

The beginning of the Saturn/Neptune cycle was the witness not only to the unraveling civil war in Iraq, but also was the harbinger of civil war in Somalia, Kirkuk, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, and among the Palestinians. The concept of the “failed state” seems also to be tied in with the Neptune (failed) Saturn (state) cycle. Saturn is in Leo now, where it has been creating challenges and limitations (Saturn) on leaders and kings (Leo). This has been seen virtually everywhere – not only in the US where the Republican leadership has fallen to the Democrats, but also in the UK with the government of Tony Blair, the confusion (Neptune) over who is running Iraq. We are likely to see continued confusion (Neptune) in Cuba with the demise of Fidel Castro, and in Israel with a nearly universal disillusionment (Neptune) with their political leaders.

We are currently in range of the second phase of the Saturn/Neptune opposition and it is not surprising that these issues are in the forefront of the news. But I believe that this is just the first step in the path towards the upcoming cultural breakdown that will provide the basis for rebuilding a global society. Neptune continues to create confusion over the structures of Saturn over the next year, paving the way for Pluto as it enters Capricorn (the sign ruled by Saturn) and begins destroying those structures which no longer serve us. The sands are shifting and faith is required now – faith in the ultimate Intelligence that guides our evolution.

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