bush-danceAs we’ve said before too many times to cite, the current opposition cycle of Saturn to Neptune which began last summer and is now in the second phase of a three-part cycle, is forcing us to confront (Saturn) that which we are hiding (Neptune), among other things. Nowhere is this more true than in the Bush administration which has made obfuscation into an art form.

The inaugural chart of the Bush administration is the chart cast for the moment that George Bush became president. This chart very clearly describes the Bush presidency: The fixed sign Taurus is rising in the chart, indicating a persona that is focused on material security and the acquisition of money and other possessions. Taurus is conservative and doesn’t like change, and tends to be stubborn and fixed in ideology.

The Sun in the chart, showing the essential nature of the Bush presidency, is in detached and idealistic Aquarius. Aquarius has a vision of the perfect world and is not hampered by emotional considerations when implementing that vision. Aquarius is the sign of democracy, with justice and equality for all, but the inauguration chart shows a conjunction of the Sun to Neptune, the planet that compels us to reach beyond the boundaries of our ordinary lives and experience a more transcendent world. Spirituality is important with the Sun/Neptune combination, but there is also a tendency for self-deception as Neptune’s wizardry for disguise and confusion takes hold of the identity.

The Sun is trined by the beneficent Jupiter here, showing a general sense of optimism and offering a fair amount of good luck, and Jupiter therefore also trines Neptune which can bring an expanded sense of compassion and empathy. The impulse for benevolence is here, but unfortunately it is overcome by the other aspects of the chart.

The planet of communication, Mercury, conjuncts Uranus in this chart and both are in Aquarius making a stellium of four planets in that sign of individuality and self-expression, and all in the tenth house of public life. The tendency of Mercury combined with Uranus to embrace radical new ideas has shown itself in a rather peculiar way due to the placement of Saturn (planet of limitation and discipline) rising in the first house where it becomes part of the persona, and in the fixed sign of Taurus where it expresses an extreme conservatism. The ideals of truth and justice predominate with this placement, and there is typically an affinity for revolutionary ideas but in tandem with Saturn rising, the rebellion inherent in the Mercury/Uranus/Aquarius combination expresses itself through a stubborn (Taurus rising) refusal to follow the rules set by others (Mercury/Uranus).

Mars in the chart, showing how the aggressive urge is expressed, is in the passionate and secretive sign of Scorpio which suggests an intensely competitive nature and a drive (Mars) for secrecy (Scorpio). Mars conjuncts the descendant (the cusp of the seventh house of partnership and open enemies) which shows conflict with one’s partners as well as enemies. We have seen this tendency with Bush’s former partners who disagreed with him such as Colin Powell and other cabinet secretaries who are now long gone. We often attract the energies of planets in the seventh house from others, and Mars on the descendant often indicates a tendency to be attacked (Mars) by others. Mars makes an exact square to the Mercury/Uranus combination, exacerbating the rebellious tendency and creating a nature that is argumentative and antagonistic.

Another indicator of problems in relationships is the square of Venus to Pluto. Pluto/Venus contacts are fraught with anxiety and intensity with a fear of rejection and a sense of danger. This anxiety has led to an extremely paranoid White House where any semblance of criticism is punished with ostracism. Although the Moon (emotional nature) is in Sagittarius where it longs for adventure and a good time, it is conjuncted by Pluto which in that placement can cause a fear of annhilation and this is also a placement that shrouds itself in secrets for self-protection.

One interesting point about this chart is that there are no planets in cardinal signs. Cardinal signs denote action and leadership, where fixed signs possess perseverence but tend to lack the ability to make progress, and mutable signs are adaptable but can be easy to control. We would expect to see a predominance of cardinal signs in the chart of a leader or a presidency but here we do not, denoting a presidency that lacks direction and guidance.

This is the chart of an entity which is fundamentally idealistic and compassionate (Jupiter/Sun/Neptune), yet overcome by rebellious tendencies (Sun/Uranus/Aquarius) and unable to forge a clear direction. It lacks the ability to build strong alliances with others due to an extreme paranoia (Venus/Pluto) based in a deep fear of annhilation (Moon/Pluto) that requires secrecy for protection.

The current opposition between Saturn and Neptune is directly aspecting the chart of the Bush presidency as well as Bush himself, and forcing a confrontation (Saturn) with the illusions created by the presidency to protect itself. This cycle continues into the summer and is likely to continue to put pressure on the secrets of the Bush presidency.

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