“Transparent” by Mamta Herland

I’ll be writing something on the upcoming opposition of Saturn to Neptune over the next week or so. Saturn strives for form and success in the material world, and Neptune seeks to detach us from the material world and show us that there is a world of spirit beyond this one. When these two planets engage in a tussle, there can be a great deal of confusion as the structures we depend on begin to erode. Saturn and Neptune will be exactly opposite on September 1, with the second hit at the end of February and the final wrap-up in June of 2007. The fact that this cycle coincides with the next election cycle could have an impact that we’ll explore over the next few months.

Meanwhile Ray Merriman has some interesting words on the subject from the perspective of the financial markets:

This 36-year planetary cycle has been cited previously, but it is time to visit it again in lieu of what has occurred in the past two weeks [the downturn in the stock markets], and also given the fact that it begins its ten-month transit next month. It is not unusual to see the influence of planetary cycles of this importance starting several months before the aspect actually enters into an exact orb. [I usually see the planetary cycles begin when the planets are about 5 degrees away from the exact degree.] There is probably no single planetary pair combination that is so associated with “disgust” and general “discontent” than a hard aspect between Saturn and Neptune. Saturn is honor and integrity, and Neptune is idealization. It is a time that we wish to find leaders to put on a pedestal, a time we seek leaders who can inspire trust and hope. But instead it is oftentimes a period when our leaders disappoint and are even alleged to violate our trust. It is time when people are ethically challenged, and many events come to the surface of wrong doing and underhanded tactics.

The last time this aspect occurred was in 1971-72, at the time of the Watergate burglaries, which two years later led to resignation of President Richard Nixon. Today (Friday, July 14) we hear of the law suit filed by ex-CIA operative Valerie Plame against Vice-President Dick Cheney and his assistant Scooter Libby, for their “leak” of Plame’s identity to the press, thus causing her (so the suit says) to lose her career. This is symbolic of Saturn in opposition to Neptune. So is the CNN survey depicting the majority of American’s “disgust” at the direction this country is headed, both at the Presidential level, but even more so at the Congressional level.

And there is a mid-term election coming up in November. One has to wonder how many incumbents have a chance to be re-elected. As stated before in this column, the chart of the Election Day indicates a sweeping change, a lot of upsets. And that is comparable to the changes due in the following election year too, 2008, when the Saturn-Uranus opposition is in effect, signaling broad and vast changes in governments throughout the world the following two years.

If life on earth sounds challenging for the next few years, it is. But also remember that in such challenging times are incredible long-term investment opportunities. You just have to know where to look, recognize it when you see it, and have the courage to invest in it. Think back to the mid to late 1960’s, the last time Saturn and Uranus made an opposition. Think back to all the changes in the world that period signified. And a key to understanding those opportunities lies in your recognition of what the youth are saying, doing, and buying.

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