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I don’t see how the American public could have been convinced by the Bush White House that the threat from global warming was political, but there certainly is no escaping the reality now according to the Washington Post (and thousands of other news articles):

Global warming is “very likely” caused by man, meaning more than 90 percent certain. That’s the strongest expression of certainty to date from the panel.

_If nothing is done to change current emissions patterns of greenhouse gases, global temperature could increase as much as 11 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100.

_But if the world does get greenhouse gas emissions under control _ something scientists say they hope can be done _ the best estimate is about 3 degrees Fahrenheit.

_Sea levels are projected to rise 7 to 23 inches by the end of the century. Add another 4 to 8 inches if recent, surprising melting of polar ice sheets continues.

Neptune inspires us towards a connection with the divine, but it also can confuse and delude us. The polarization of Saturn as a reality check against the dreamy naivete of Neptune forces us to confront areas in our lives where we have been deceived or confused, or where we have been avoiding the truth. The debacle that is the Iraq War, which began as such a romantic notion for many people, is also revealed now in its most horrific form as a catalyst for social breakdown that is likely to spread throughout the middle east as Islamic factions begin to war against each other as we are seeing in Iraq and among the Palestinians.

On a personal level, if our eyes are open to our own truth and pierce the veil of illusion that separates us from our true nature, the opposition of Saturn to Neptune can be a powerful and positive force for change on a deep internal level. When we are anchored deep within ourselves, we witness the upheaval and chaos in the world outside without losing our center. We control what we can, and what we cannot we must surrender. Meanwhile, the transformation process continues.

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