Usually articles that provide astrological information for each sign are using sun signs, which have very little accuracy. Some astrologers recommend that you read those forecasts using your ascendant or rising sign, which in fact WILL provide a more accurate look but still only takes into account one component of the chart, so I say just stay away from them.

Dharmaruci has taken a unique approach which now that I think of it, I wonder why we don’t use this for everything. It does require knowledge of your ascendant, and if you have your whole chart it will be more useful. If you don’t know what time you were born you won’t know your ascendant but it might be fun to look through his article to see where you might fit in. If you know your birth time and need a chart, go to to have your chart delineated for free.

Using the ascendant/descendant axis he has placed the Saturn/Neptune opposition in the different chart axes to come up with a summary of how the opposition has likely affected you. This is still not going to be exactly correct for everyone; if you have Gemini on the ascendant as I do you may not have Leo in the third house if your houses are of very unequal size. Still, it’s an interesting article so check it out!!

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