Image by Crowolf

What could be more Neptunian than a cloaking device? Neptune is the god of mystery, of that which is hidden. Neptune cloaks us in darkness, shrouds us in mists, and with Neptune stationing retrograde in the sign of Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus, scientists have taken a page from Star Trek and are working on building a cloaking device.

The concept of a cloaking device, which would create an illusion of invisibility around aircraft and tanks by manipulating light or other electromagnetic waves, was previously limited to science fiction novels and Harry Potter. This sort of electromagnetic activity is ruled by Uranus, which in its current trine by Jupiter is inspiring a great deal of technological gadgetry and inventions.

In other Uranus/Jupiter news, Japanese researchers have announced the ability to control robots using brain signals from an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine, and Danish researchers have created a new method for transferring data signals to light waves, accelerating the communication between computers. Jupiter expands all that it connects with, and in its current trine with Uranus it is opening doorways and facilitating the creation of radical and unusual technology and ideas (all of which are associated with Uranus). The unlocking of these creations is just beginning and I am certain that we will see a rapid acceleration of of these amazing ideas and inventions.

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