From Skywatch for May, posted this morning:

There are two Full Moons in May, the first of which is on May 2 at 6:10 am EST in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of intensity and passion, the impulse that pulls us into the deepest part of our soul and forces us to experience life in the most profound way possible. The Full Moon occurs when the Moon opposes the Sun, and although the Sun illuminates the Moon it is the lunar consciousness that prevails. Emotions run higher during the Full Moon, and we have greater access to the underworld of our psyche with the Full Moon in Scorpio.

This Full Moon incorporates a conjunction of Mercury to the Sun, suggesting that our emotions will be at odds with our thoughts and mental functioning during this period. There is also a square to Chiron which opens up doorways for old wounds that we thought were healed long ago to surface and remind us that we are not yet completely healed. A wide square to the Full Moon opposition from Saturn hints that we may find ourselves feeling isolated and alone as we face the wounds from our past that Chiron presents. This is a good time for introspection and personal work, and the inclusion of Mercury suggests that journaling or talking to a friend can be quite productive now.

Mercury is approaching a square to Chiron now that culminates on May 4 and we are likely to continue feeling the effects of Chiron’s efforts to promote healing of our mental faculties by clearing out the old wounds that we harbor within us. Fortunately, harmonious aspects from Mercury to Saturn and Uranus aid us in achieving stability (Saturn) and offering insights (Uranus) that help us through the healing process that continues through the first week in May.

Jupiter has been within a degree of a trine to Saturn for the past month or so. This is the second phase of this Jupiter/Saturn cycle, and it reaches the exact degree of that trine on May 6. This is a wonderful dynamic that connects the endurance of Saturn with the optimism of Jupiter; it facilitates the spiraling effect of growth and keeps us from unraveling under the simultaneous influence of a square of Jupiter to Uranus which accelerates our growth but which lacks sensibility and practicality. The trine of Jupiter to Saturn is a long-term event that will continue into 2008.

photo by Peggy Roth Major

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