New Moons mark the beginning of the lunar cycle, and they bring a fresh new energy to begin anew. The Scorpio New Moon brings us squarely into contact with the rawness of our feelings and emotions. Here we are naked; unadorned, unprotected – seeking the Truth that comes from total and brutal honesty. With four planets in Scorpio, this is an opportunity to break through fears and bashful hesitation, and embrace the power of your passions.
This New Moon (the conjunction of the Sun and Moon) forms a challenging square to the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune which suggests that this lunar event will embrace the deep soul work that the Triple Conjunction has been inspiring since February of 2009. Our deepest emotions and painful memories are easy to access now and can be transmuted in the fire of conscious awareness and intention.
The New Moon also makes a harmonious trine to Uranus, the planet that connects us with multidimensional consciousness. At this time we have the potential to use the alchemical process of emotional transmutation in order to elevate our awareness to a higher dimension of wisdom. Saturn is still in a very tight square to Pluto as well, so there is a sense that growth will be forced rather than strictly voluntary. Any time Pluto is involved there is a need for surrender and a deep faith that we are being guided in the unfolding process. We cannot always see the path, but when we look back we almost always can see the perfection.
As if that weren’t enough drama, today’s Scorpio New Moon is harmoniously entwined with the lunar nodes, the points that describe our evolutionary direction.  This signifies that an important shift occurs with this New Moon, changes in our personal life and on the planet which will refocus our attention and bring us into greater harmony with our unfolding destiny.
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