Now that we are through the New Moon in Scorpio Lunar Eclipse and have begun the trip into the deepest realms of the subconscious, we have no fewer than five planets and luminaries as well as an asteroid, all lined up today in a Scorpio stellium: Venus, Sun, Pallas, Moon, Saturn and Ceres.

The art and magic of astrology originated in the Northern hemisphere and the seasonal implications are less apt for the Southern hemisphere (although astrology still works there!).   For those of us in the top half of the world, The Sun’s entry into Scorpio in late October marks the passing from the abundance of the autumn harvest to the cold and dark of winter.   Nothing is superficial now – our attention is focused on that which is real and true.

Scorpio is quite literally the Season of the Witch – it is at the midpoint of Scorpio that we celebrate the dark holiday of Samhain in the Celtic calendar – the day in which the veils between the dead and living are at their thinnest.  Under the influence of Scorpio we become more aware of the vibrations around us and more sensitive to danger.  With Mars as the traditional ruler of Scorpio and Pluto the modern ruler, we seek to discover tools that will help us to focus our will (Mars) and achieve a higher degree of personal power than we ever thought possible (Pluto).

Aleister Crowley said “Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”  This is Scorpio, in a nutshell.  Ideally this will occur in concert with the highest good of all, and in alignment with our highest Self and inner guidance. The Witch was a wise woman of great power, who can heal the sick and give women the power over their own fertility.  Consequently, she was abhorred by the patriarchal power structures and her quiet power was reduced to a cartoon image of an evil woman with a hat and warts.  In this time of greater consciousness and wisdom, we can reclaim that wise power that lives within us and learn how to use it to create magic in our own lives. 

The holiday of Samhain is often conflated with Hallowe’en, but the actual Samhain occurs at 15 degrees Scorpio which occurs on the 7th of November.  This Scorpio lineup (stellium) can help us to prepare for that transition by inviting us deep into the subconscious realm where there is no judgment, only raw Truth and Power. In the Underworld of the spirit we turn within, in full presence, fully aware of each thought, emotion, and flicker of energy that passes through us.  Heightened self-awareness is the key to maximizing our own personal transformation.

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