When the Moon is full and brightest in the sky, it is always opposite the Sun, meaning the Moon and Sun are in opposite signs.  Signs in oppositions are polarities – there is a tension between the energies and a need to find balance.

Normally the Solar energy is more powerful than the Lunar.  The Moon moves more quickly, and its influence tends to be fleeting.  But at the fulfillment of the lunar cycle, when the waxing portion of the cycle is complete and the waning portion is about to begin, the Moon is at her most glorious and her influence is most potent.

The Taurus Full Moon on October 27th seeks comfort in the physical world – it is a sign that fully appreciates the sensory experiences that can be enjoyed through life in a body. as well as security through financial stability and a safe expectation that one day will follow another without too many surprises.  The Taurean need for peacefulness and balance is opposed by the Scorpio Sun which demands an added layer of probing and emotional intensity.  Both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs – they create power through perseverance.  But Taurus is ruled by Venus and Scorpio by Mars – and under the Taurus Full Moon the Venusian influence of love and harmony must work through the Martian focus on desire and motivation in order to find true balance.

In this Full Moon a triple conjunction from both Mars (energy), Venus (relating) and Jupiter (confidence and good fortune) are embedded in this chart which is generally very positive since the planetary rulers of the Full Moon (Mars and Venus) are aligned with Jupiter’s supreme beneficence and good vibes.  However, the strong presence of Chiron’s pressure to heal the unhealed wounds which is activated in the chart  (opposite this Jupiter triple conjunction) suggests that in order to find the serenity of the Taurus Full Moon, we must first travel through the portal of the pain of old hurts in order to find the true blessing of healing and wisdom.

I have been attending a lovely Women’s Chorus recently led by local singer songwriter Kathleen Hannan, and one of the songs we have been working on really speaks to this in a beautiful way:

As you take the backward step
That turns your light to illuminate your self
Body and mind naturally fall away
And your original face remains
And your original face remains

(Here is the link to Kathleen’s blog with the sound file of the song and the story behind it.)

This duality between the body/mind and the “original face,” the Self that is present when the dramas are released, is a powerful experience that is enhanced by the powerful square aspect between Saturn (structure and reality) and Neptune (transcendence and illusion) which is beginning to tighten.

This is the last SuperMoon of the year, so its influence is amplified.  With Saturn starting to tighten a square to Neptune It will become more and more important to separate our dreams and illusions (Neptune) from what we know to be fact (Saturn) and learn to stretch the way we perceive reality (Saturn) in order to accommodate those dreams and fill our lives with magic and the knowledge of who we really are, apart from the trappings of the physical world AND the illusions of the spiritual. Fortunately this Full Moon helps us to do just that.


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