The Virgo New Moon on September 1st is part of a stellium of four planets plus the North Node in Virgo.  A lunar event is said to be an eclipse when it occurs close to the lunar nodes, the points at which the Moon crosses the path of the Sun, and this is astrologically significant because the nodes represent the evolutionary movement of the soul from the past (South Node) to the future (North Node).  This is why eclipses are often linked to significant events – there is a sense of fate with the nodes that comes through in an eclipse.

Today’s eclipse is an eclipse of the Sun at the New Moon – the solar conscious principle is eclipsed by the lunar instincts.  It’s a total eclipse and very significant astrologically since the North Node is just three degrees from the Sun and Moon.  However, because the Moon is farther away from the Earth than at other times, this is called an “annular” eclipse rather than a “total” eclipse.

The energy of this eclipse is powerful.  First of all, the intense concentration of Virgo precision impels us to seek improvement in all areas of our lives.  The details of our human existence are paramount right now and for the next week or so as the eclipse peaks and winds down.  Mercury (the mind) has just turned retrograde and is aligned with Jupiter (confidence and optimism) to expand our sense of what is possible.

The lunation (Sun/Moon/Node) is opposite Neptune (spiritual yearning) which aligns with the South Node to add a nostalgic touch and force us to address karmic patterns from the past that are holding us back.  There is a tension now between the eclipse at the North Node and Neptune at the South Node that will force us to choose a side if there is a major decision facing us right now.

This dynamic is locked in a challenging square with Mars (aggressive force) and Saturn (restriction), both in the expansive sign of Sagittarius.  There is a desire (Mars) to flee (Sag) that is being hampered by Saturn (discipline) which asks that we slow down and not skip any steps along the way.

Fortunately, powerful Pluto (personal transformation) harmonizes with the Sun/Moon/Node to facilitate the pathway and shine the light of wisdom and understanding to keep us moving forward.

New Moons, eclipses are not, are always times for new beginnings.  In Virgo, the sign of order and detail, this is the perfect time for planning and organization as well as, on the higher level of experience, ritual and daily magic.

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