When Mars is traveling retrograde, or if Mars is retrograde or otherwise afflicted in our birthchart. It can be difficult for us to meet our needs and achieve our desires. This is not necessarily always because those desires are wrong, but sometimes more time and attention is needed for them to blossom.

Patience and focus is required when we are in a gestation period. The moment of conception has passed but the time of birth is a ways off still. This is a time to nourish our idea and prepare for its fulfillment. It’s also useful to ask the Universe to ensure that the goal manifests in a form that is for our highest good.

Retrogrades don’t create blocks like a Saturn or Pluto transit does, but if either of those guys is in a difficult aspect to Mars in our chart we will find ourselves especially blocked now.

This is a good time to cultivate trust in the wisdom of our higher selves as we develop confidence and strength that will aid us in the ability to manifest desires that are wise and serve us on the path to true empowerment.


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