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Image from Scriptonite

Last fall I wrote about the surge of prosecution for sexual violence that began when Saturn entered Scorpio:

Saturn entered Scorpio about a year ago and will take another year and a half or so to travel through that sign.  Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars and its modern ruler is Pluto, and these are the two planets that govern sexuality.  Mars deals with the physical drives including the sexual drive and energy, and Pluto addresses matters of intimacy and the “petit mort” of sexual surrender. Pluto is also fearless when it comes to the dark side of the human experience, and we often find rape and abusive behaviors under its banner, and Scorpio tends to be an investigator in areas of life where the more carefree signs might fear to venture.

In its role as Celestial Teacher, Saturn brings consequences and lessons in areas of life governed by the sign it travels through, and we have seen many instances in the news over the past year in which governmental bodies (Saturn) are getting tough on sexual violence (Scorpio) in their communities. …

Saturn’s last journey through Scorpio occurred between 1983 and 1985.  Pluto had also just entered Scorpio and the AIDS crisis (death/Pluto through sexuality/Scorpio) began.   At the same time there was an eruption of child sexual abuse cases and the concept of repressed (Pluto) memories of sexual abuse (Scorpio) brought women out of the closet into the therapist’s office.  Those years between 1983 and 1985 while Saturn was in Scorpio brought the phenomenon of childhood sexual abuse into the public eye.  In 1983, April was designated National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Now a sexual abuse scandal in the UK that has its roots in the 1980s has emerged, rocking the British government to its very core, revealing that high level politicians took boys and girls out of care facilities to abuse sexually.  We see the workings of Pluto in Capricorn here as well – the destruction (Pluto) of the governmental structure (Capricorn) that permitted these horrific actions to take place.  The cover-up may have extended all the way to then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The astrological timing of the emergence of the scandal is interesting since it falls an exact Saturn cycle after the alleged abuse occurred.  Saturn is the prosecutor – he presides over rules and generally demands that the line be toed.  Under Saturn in Scorpio Pope Francis has made Vatican history by implementing a justice system (very Saturnian!) against abusers of children.

Saturn’s travels through Scorpio involve a clearing in more than just sexuality – the deepest recesses of the psyche are being excavated now and there is tremendous potential for healing and deep psychological work. Those of us with an active Scorpio or Pluto emphasis in the chart are meant to live in this realm, and Saturn in Scorpio sends us back to school so that we will more willingly enter the dark side.  Those of us with lots of Jupiter or Sagittarius will be the most uncomfortable in the Scorpionic darkness, but Saturn’s teachings will be a required course nevertheless.

The human experience consists of both light and darkness, and the mission of Saturn in Scorpio is to relish that darkness and fight the light therein.

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