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We are currently in the dark phase of the Moon just before the New Moon cycle begins at the conjunction of the Sun and Moon on September 22. This New Moon has some exceptional characteristics: Besides being an annular (partial) eclipse of the Sun by the Moon, it is also the second New Moon in Virgo which gives us a second opportunity to develop the skills that Virgo teaches: discrimination, caution and appreciation of the small things in life.

Last month’s New Moon was at 0 degrees Virgo, beginning the Virgo cycle, and this month’s New Moon is at 29 degrees Virgo. There is quite a bit of disagreement among astrologers as to what the last degree of a sign represents with some respected astrologers being firmly in the camp that there is no cusp: you are either one sign or the other. I have not found this to be the case, however; in my practice it has been clear that in the last 2 or 3 degrees of a sign we are completing the issues of that sign and preparing for the dynamics of the next. With this month’s New Moon at 29 degrees Virgo we take up the skills that Virgo teaches and apply them to matters of Libra: learning to achieve balance, relating to others while maintaining our own sense of self. Seeking beauty in a world that is often filled with ugliness.

The New Moon Eclipse comes just before the Autumnal Equinox on September 23, when the Sun enters Libra and day and night are of equal length. We are leaving the season of light and entering the season of darkness, where there is greater access to the subconscious realms. We are also moving towards a square of Jupiter (expansion, ideology, philosophy) to Neptune (pure consciousness) which will be exact on September 24. Jupiter is now a part of the dance of the Saturn/Neptune opposition (see other articles in this column below) which introduces some ideological (Jupiter) battles to the struggle between form (Saturn) and transcendence (Neptune). We have also discussed earlier the square of Jupiter to Saturn, which makes its final connection in October and has tested (Saturn) the limits of our optimism and faith (Jupiter).

The New Moon (Sun/Moon conjunction) forms a square (90 degree) aspect to Pluto, introducing a dark element of power and transformation. This is a peculiar set of symbols: it’s a New Moon marking the beginning of a new cycle, yet it’s at the tail end of Virgo, marking the end of a cycle and locked in a battle with Pluto, the Lord of Endings and New Beginnings. It seems clear that this New Moon, particularly because it is an eclipse which brings a major transition, holds in it the power to burn through the difficulties of the past year and facilitate a shift of consciousness.

This is a time of letting go, of releasing old thought patterns as we move into a new state of awareness. The next few months will give us a respite from the major aspects, and we will have a Scorpio fiesta in October that will help facilitate releasing the past.

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