Although the New Moon tomorrow is an eclipse at the first degree of Scorpio, there is still an intensely Libran influence during this last day leading into the eclipse.  Four planets (including the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon)  are in Libra, and the Sun is aligned with Venus, Libra’s ruler.  Libra and Venus possess a strong but delicate energy – inspiring relationship and harmony, yet requiring a peace and beauty.

This sensitivity will have to give way to tougher stuff when the Moon and Sun conjoin at the New Moon in the more intensely demanding sign of Scorpio on October 23rd at 5:57 pm Eastern time.  Scorpio says “forget your dainty tea parties and your loving relationships – strip yourself of your polite veneer and find your true passion.”   Scorpio has no patience for the superficial and encourages us to walk bravely into the fire of our dreams where any hesitation and fears can be burned away, leaving us to be reborn in the ashes of the fire – a cathartic emergence into our true selves and our true empowerment.

The zero degree point of Scorpio marks the entry into the period between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice that culminates at 15 Scorpio.  This is the time when the veil grows thin and communication between the worlds of the dead and the living may occur. We are highly connected now to the interplay of dimensions and intuitive abilities are at their peak.

Venus continues to play an important role, meeting the Sun and Moon in Scorpio and preparing us to dive into the depths of the dark pool.  There is tremendous potential now for our relationships to open the door to the power of the Scorpio experience in a kind of tantra that connects us deeply into our own soul as well as the beloved.

As if this isn’t enough, the asteroid Pallas is also within a degree to the Sun, Moon and Venus to shine a bright light of wisdom and understanding into the process.  Scorpio is highly emotional and full of fire and the conscious objectivity of the Sun is eclipsed now – the wise detachment of Pallas brings a bit of objectivity and awakens the mind in the midst of the intensity of this event.

The Sun and Venus, aligned in a conjunction, both enter Scorpio on the 23rd just in time for the New Moon solar eclipse which is at the very first degree of Scorpio. As an eclipse this event is not particularly powerful astrologically since the lunar nodes are about 12 degrees from the Sun and Moon and in a different sign. But the Scorpio New Moon always ramps up the intensity, offering an opportunity to clear the decks and purge anything in our lives that we have outgrown or which holds us back, and a lunation at the first degree of any sign is a powerful representative of that sign.  At about five degrees Pisces, Neptune aligns with the New Moon in a harmonious trine to the Scorpio stellium, warming the soul and inspiring an experience of divine creativity.

This event has the potential to drive a wedge in a closed heart and open us up to a magnificent connection to the soul.  For this to happen we must leave our fears behind along with any idea of who we think we are.  Instead like Inanna at the gate of the Underworld, we have shed our clothing and our false facades, and are ready to meet our true Twin Flame – the heart of our True Self.

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