Fourth of July astrologyAny person, place or event with a date of origination has an astrological chart. Humans have birthdates, companies have incorporation dates, and countries have their own dates of origination (we call this “mundane” astrology). Mundane charts are not always easy to define since we must accurately pinpoint the exact time at which the current incarnation of the place began.

The chart for the United States that is most typically used is called the Sibley chart which uses a date of July 4, 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed, and has Sagittarius on the ascendant (Sagittarius “rising”).   Another chart used by many astrologers is the Scorpionic chart, with Scorpio rising that uses a date of November 15, 1777 when the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union were signed.   Other charts use the date that the Constitution was signed.

In any case, the Solar Return chart for the Sibley chart of the United States (the chart cast for the moment in time when the Sun in the sky returns to its place in the birthchart) suggests that this will be another difficult year for the US.   Libra is rising in the chart at 5 degrees and the Midheaven of the chart is 5 degrees Cancer.  Uranus, planet of revolution and innovation, is nearly exactly opposite the Libra ascendant at 4-1/2 degrees Aries, and Pluto, planet of destruction and rebirth, is within ONE MINUTE of an oppositition to the Midheaven on the I.C.

So what does this mean in English?  Probably, continued conflict between the People (the I.C.) and the Government (the Midheaven) and surprising events (Uranus) that come from other, probably renegade, nations.  This could take the form of attacks on our troops in other nations where we are not welcome, or potentially minor revolutions within the national borders of citizens from other countries.

Pluto is in a nearly exact square to the ascendant – the image of the country and the way it sees itself.  This suggests that our national ideals will be under stress and potentially undergo a major transformation.  Pluto opposes Venus in the chart which echoes the theme that says “your allies are not who you think they are.”

Saturn sits in the first house of the chart, challenging the US to honor its responsibilities and obligations, and it sits in a challenging square to the Sun and therefore acts as the Enforcer.  However, the Sun is elevated in the chart in the tenth house of government and leadership which suggests the possibility of redemption.

The Virgo Moon of the chart is on the cusp of the twelfth house and in a opposite Chiron and Neptune.  Because the twelfth house is associated with Neptune, this is a Moon/Neptune “double whammy” that implies either (a) a growing compassion in the hearts of the People, or (b) a desire to stick head in sand and hope for the best.  We have a choice here, and the presence of Chiron in opposition to the Moon opens up a doorway for healing and an increase of wisdom among the people.

There are some harmonious elements here as well: Pluto is sextile Chiron which helps to facilitate transformational (Pluto) healing (Chiron)  of broken places in the national experience, and a trine from Pluto to Jupiter (ideology) can facilitate the kind of inspiration that eases the transition from the old to the new.

The United States is currently undergoing its “Saturn Return,” a period of potential stress that occurs every 28-30 years as Saturn in the sky returns to its place in the US chart.  Any Saturn Return, whether in the chart of an individual or a nation, requires that we face our responsibilities and create structures that will adequately support us for a solid future.  The budget debate currently going on in Congress is an example of the kind of challenge that is faced during the Saturn return and the debt ceiling deadline August 2nd corresponds with the final phase of the US Saturn Return.

Saturn doesn’t guarantee that we create these strutures, but it does tend to kick our butt if we don’t perform adequately as anyone who is over 30 and already lived through one Saturn Return can attest.

In any case, it doesn’t look like normalcy will return to US politics any time soon. Happy Fourth anyway!



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