I came across this treatise on market speculation from the 1930s that some kind blogger posted on his/her site which has some interesting tidbits such as these:

SUN–The Sun rules gold, gilt-edged stock and Government Securities, and the general tone of the Market. It does not materially affect the Market itself, except as it forms aspects to other planets, and its influence is exerted thru the sign in which it is placed. Favorable aspects increase the value of Government securities of the country ruled by the sign, and bad aspects depress it.

MOON–The Moon is not a particular significator of anything. Its passage thru a sign stimulates the commodities ruled by the sign, and often those of the opposite sign as well. Aspects to the Moon do not always act in accordance with their natures, but seem rather to mark turning points, and to denote the times of highest rise and lowest fall. The position of the Moon in its orbit, however, has a general influence on fluctuations, especially in regard to changes from an upward to a downward movement, and vica-versa. This is very marked in the case of the Moon’s passage over its apogee and perigee.

MERCURY–This planet rules with others wheat, corn and grain (partly), silver and quick-silver, as well as bonds, returns and publications, news, rumors, and public confidence. Its effect upon the Market is to cause nervousness, activity, instability, quick buying and selling, and rapid fluctuations. If afflicted it brings false or adverse news and rumors, and indicates lack of public confidence. Thus Jupiter afflicted by Mercury would cause quick fluctuations and selling of affairs ruled by Jupiter and the sign containing it, due to adverse rumors.

VENUS–Venus rules copper, silk, textiles, sugar, cotton, furnishing, money, corn, and the wheat market. It affects the market thru money, and its general influence is to cause a peaceful condition in the country in whose sign it is, with steady development, good crops, and a generally settled state. Its good aspects bring a steady, tho often not very lasting, rise in values, but with few fluctuations, while its bad aspects tend to cause dull periods.

MARS–Mars rules iron and steel, railways, motors, and machinery. Its effect is to cause great activity and enterprise, with brisk buying and new flotations. It causes very sharp, but often unsustained, rises and falls according to its aspects.

JUPITER–Jupiter rules tin, zinc, rubber. It brings expansion, new industries, prosperity, and its good aspects bring very high rises. Its bad aspects show selling for profit taking, and a fall in values. It may also indicate over-capitalization and over-production. Jupiter indicates the direction of speculative interest according to the sign it is in.

SATURN–Saturn rules lead, coal, mines, building, and conditions of labor. Its effect is to cause famines, failure of crops, political troubles, want, and unemployment. Its bad aspects produce great depression in prices, while its good ones steady the market.

URANUS–Uranus rules electrical concerns, aviation, telegraphs, and wireless. Its effect is to cause strikes, revolutions, and political upheavals, its aspects affect the Market thru political conditions. It causes sudden sharp fluctuations in accordance with its aspects.

NEPTUNE–Neptune rules drugs, narcotics, tea, tobacco, oil, and institutions such as hospitals, asylums, and prisons, as well as large syndicates and combines. Its affect is to produce socialistic, democratic, and anarchistic activity, and a condition of confusion or chaos in the affairs signified. In good aspect it inflates prices, often thru the action of rings and combines, and in bad aspects it depresses them thru the same agency.

This has relevance for today’s world:

Jupiter and Uranus square or in opposition and the Sun in trine or sextile to them make a very strong Cereal Market and some strength in Stocks.

Kellogg was up 15% last year and General Mills up 17%, so it will be interesting to see if under the current Jupiter/Uranus square that trend continues.

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