Noted astrologer Steven Forrest is an old friend and teacher of mine in Chapel Hill where we both live, and when his wife Jodi, also an accomplished astrologer, wrote a series of stories about the old Norse gods beginning with a book called the Rhymer and the Ravens. Steven, who you may not know is an accomplished musician, wrote a rock opera to accompany that first book.

About ten years ago I was fortunate to be involved as one of the dancers in the early stage productions of the Rhymer and the Ravens, which was succeeded by two more volumes in Jodi’s trilogy.  If you look carefully you’ll see my hair and one eye in front of Steven’s face.

If you’re a fan of Steven’s you’ll enjoy this article in the local paper about the band Dragonship who plays the music for the “Elves’ Prophecy” and this page on Steve and Jodi’s website about the project.

Steven’s books are a must for any student of astrology. You can find many of them in the bookstore on this page!

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