Capricorn Full Moon June 2013The Sun entered Cancer today, marking the Summer Solstice and the beginning of the astrological summer season.  The Sun has been transiting over Jupiter for the past week which generally brings about a more expansive and optimistic atmosphere.  With the entry of the Sun into Cancer, it separates from Jupiter and there is some potential that we will fall to earth in a serious reality check.

This fall will have a relatively soft landing, since Saturn (the planet that governs reality checks) forms a trine to the Cancer Sun and harmonizes with the Capricorn Moon, helping us to gain greater understanding if we think to look behind our disappointment.

The Capricorn Full Moon on June 23rd accentuates the closing of the door to unbridled exuberance, since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and tends to be seriously practical and disdain flights of fantasy or cheerfulness that goes beyond reason.  At the Full Moon, the Cancer Sun opposes the Capricorn Moon and forces us to find balance between emotion (Cancer) and practical duty (Capricorn), between home life (Cancer) and achievement (Capricorn), between connection to our family or tribe (Cancer) and our duty to the world around us (Capricorn).  Cancer is itself ruled by the Moon, so the challenge here is to learn to keep the heart open while taking care of the business of every day life.

At this Full Moon there is a wide but still active connection to Uranus and Pluto, awakening (Uranus) and requiring depth and focus (Pluto).  When Pluto’s pressure to delve below the surface is tied to lunar symbology it often takes us into contact with our ancestry and our inherited psychological legacy.  The Moon is at perigee (closest to earth) which makes this a Supermoon (TM Richard Nolle).  Supermoons are amplified in their lunar intensity, bringing us closer to our instinctive reactions and diminishing the light of reason which can cloud our inner vision

The Sun ties into the trine between Saturn and Neptune, creating a Grand Trine that encourages a harmonious flow of emotion, and a conjunction of Mercury to Venus helps to facilitate communication. This Grand Trine lasts from the Solstice through the end of the month.

Around this time Mercury is slowing down in preparation for its retrograde turn so it will be wise to start paying closer attention to things that you say, instructions that you have to read, contracts that must be signed.

Jupiter enters Cancer on June 25th where it will remain for about a year. Jupiter is said to be exalted in Cancer because it is comfortable there.  The emotional needs of Cancer are great, and Jupiter can expand to meet those needs.  I will be writing more about this in the coming days.




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