Supermoon July 2014The first of the summer Supermoons will take place on July 12th.  The term Supermoon was coined by astrologer Richard Nolle to describe the Moon that when full (i.e., opposite the Sun) is at its perigee or closest point to the earth.

When a Supermoon occurs at a Full Moon the effect of the lunation is amplified.  Everyone responds differently to Full Moons.  Some become more emotional.  Some become more anxious.  Some (like me!) have trouble sleeping.  Some have no experience of a Full Moon at all.

Much of your experience of Full Moons generally depends on the makeup of your astrological chart, but also whether the lunation makes a mathematical relationship to your own chart.  For example, if you have a challenging planetary system in your chart at 20 degrees Capricorn, a Full Moon at 20 degrees Capricorn or thereabouts will affect you more personally.

The Capricorn Full Moon brings a fascination with the material world – how will we master our finances?  What is our role in the world around us?  How can we feel fulfilled in our chosen profession and vocation?  How do we resolve the tension between our inner and home (Cancer) with the need to make a mark in the world? (Capricorn).

Richard Nolle has connected the Supermoon with an increase in geophysical activity such as earthquakes, floods, and even solar flares.  He is nearly always correct!

What makes this particular Supermoon even more dramatic is the fact that the lunation makes a nearly exact square to the lunar nodes.  A lunation is called an eclipse when the Sun and Moon are conjunct the lunar nodes – the square aspect is more intense and creates more drama for the Moon.  Heightened emotional intensity will be the norm over the next few days.  The lunar nodes are symbolically associated with an evolutionary journey from the past (south node) to the future (north node), making this a potentially powerful experience to propel us forward towards our destiny.

This eclipse-type experience is made more intense by the fact that Mars (action) is conjunct the North Node, awakening our desire to pursue a clear path to our destiny rather than become distracted by meaningless detours.   Fortunately Venus harmonizes with both Mars and the North Node, bringing a beautiful shining light to illuminate the path and clear confusion.

There will be no shortage of drama during this Supermoon, but also a liberal sprinkling of magic and love.   So release yourself from any preconceived ideas – dance into the moonlight and be bathed by the light of the lunar realm!

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