Aquarius is an air sign, dealing with the realm of the intellect. Aquarius is the “dryest” of the air signs, with the least amount of connection to the water element of emotions, so it is interesting that the symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer, who manipulates the emotional realms but remains dry and detached. Aquarius is primarily concerned with nothing less than the ultimate expression of the human destiny.

Aquarians (and this includes not only those with Sun in Aquarius but also those with other strong Aquarian influences in their chart) are the idealist of the zodiac – the brilliant thinkers who dance to the beat of their own drum. Aquarius is a fixed sign and can be stubborn and slow to change their mind, but they are also brilliantly intelligent and prone to blinding flashes of insight and innovative ideas. Hence they are the inventors, the wizards of technology, and the Utopian idealists.

This idealistic tendency of Aquarians can become somewhat problematic in personal relationships, where we don’t often see the highest expression of the human soul. Relationships can be messy and emotional, and Aquarius isn’t comfortable in those realms. Independent and loving freedom, they desire fairness and equality in all of their relationships and may find it easier to be friends than lovers.

With their love of humanity and ideals of human interaction, Aquarians can be impersonal and detached. They tend to be uncomfortable with strong emotions and may be prone to health problems such as migraine headaches from repressing emotions within themselves. They dislike following society’s rules and conventions, but are fair and loyal and relentlessly true to their own code of conduct. There is not a more interesting person in the world than an Aquarius, nor a better friend!

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