Happy Birthday, Sagittarians!

Although the Sun is just one element in the myriad complexity of the birthchart, it is the biggest single element. The astrological Sun represents our quest, our mission on Planet Earth. It describes the activities that we need in order to feel energized and complete. Sagittarians are on a quest, and they need freedom in order to fulfill their mission. Everything they do is very important, usually more important than what others do. :) Ruled by Jupiter, they tend to be optimistic and visionary, and dislike rules and restrictions. They are curious about the world, but their education needs to have meaning. They want to learn about other cultures, about how the world works. Sagittarians also make good teachers, since they tend to seek mastery of subjects in which they are interested. They are bold and courageous, and tend to be inventive philosophers. They may be religious, and can be somewhat righteous.

The symbol for Sagittarius is the archer, and Sagittarians are always pointing their bow at new horizons and looking for new challenges. They are seldom still and tend to be always in motion. For this reason, they may be athletic or engage in sports or athletics.

In relationships Sagittarians tend to require a great deal of freedom and inventiveness. They are not the ones to sit on the sofa and watch endless reruns of the Sopranos. They don’t like to feel fenced in, and need a fair amount of stimulation. But they are lucky and optimistic, and their infectious enthusiasm can’t help but rub off on the rest of us.

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