Happy birthday Capricorns! Those born when the Sun was in Capricorn are ruled by Saturn and tend to take their responsibilities very seriously. The mission of Capricorn is to master the material world. In doing so, they may face many challenges and failures, but depending on the other influences in their chart they tend to stay focused and continue their efforts until success is achieved.

Capricorn is tremendously practical and goal oriented, and every relationship and event is filtered through the lens of achievement. Will this person help me in my path? Will this job further my greater goals? But they also have a strong sense of responsibility and are dependable to a fault.

For Capricorns and others born with Saturn prominent in their chart, it is said that they are old when they’re young and young when they’re old. Often in childhood there is tremendous loneliness or a heavy burden of responsibility. But that hard work at an early age brings a strength of character that helps them to blossom in their later life.

Family and community is most important to Capricorn, and their sense of responsibility creates a strong sense of commitment in all of their relationships. As in their careers where they seek to build a successful life, they put all that they have into creating successful partnerships and families.

Capricorn is not all about drudgery and achievement – there is a magic to exerting one’s will on the material world and manifesting that which you desire, and that is the realm in which Capricorn excels. They understand better than anyone that prosperity is a gift from the gods, and they are unapologetic in their pursuit of those gifts. For many of them the material quest must come first, and then the spiritual can follow.

Capricorn is not easy to get to know–they can be deeply introverted and shy. But there is gold beneath the serious exterior that is well worth discovering.

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