For many years I’ve been fascinated with the idea of the transhuman as we transition into the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius traditionally is the sign of the scientist and the inventor, but the modern influence of Uranus also opens up portals of awakening and radical new experiences. With Pluto now in Aquarius for a few months before retrograding back into Capricorn to complete its job there, we have a glimmer of what the experience of our new humanity may look and feel like.

I discovered the writings of Joseph Rael and this piece seems very appropriate for the times we are living in right now. I hope you enjoy it! ❤️

As diverse cultures come together and diffeerent ways of thinking clash, there’s stress, tension. Bcause of this there’s more capacity for the visionary to come forth and take the front of the world stage.

The very tension of masses of people in turmoil creates new insights for the overall population. Out of these insights new determinations are made as to how – socially and politically – we are going to develop in the next twenty-five or thirty years on the planet.

We are all evolving into another way of thinking. Rather than flowing down like the natural current of the river, we’re flowing upstream, and we can only do that on the supernatural level because on the physical level, everything is controlled by the laws of gravity and entropy. Out of the conflict of many cultures we are evolving into a new form of human, able to do things humans have never been able to do in the past.

I have learned there is only one actor in the cosmos, and that actor is creating billions and billions of resonating images that continually manifest and return to the One. Sound is the soul of the One who drinks the light that It is creating moment by moment in order to continue existence. This House of Shattering Light – this perceptual reality in which we live and of which we are a part – exists only for the soul’s continuing.

Now it is time for death’s illusion to give way, along with the illusion of material form, before the reality of these vibrations. I believe that if we all learn to listen, the vibrations will give forth their meaning, encoded in the crystal soil of our native earth, to fill the close-pressed earth with song.

–Joseph Rael, House of Shattering Light

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