My friend Betsy put this on her Facebook page for July 4th.  You can read her introduction here if you like.  

Interdependence Day

In the course of planetary events it occasionally becomes necessary to remind ourselves that we need each other and the beings and things of this earth. Therefore, we, the people of this planet, declare this to be Interdependence Day.

Each year we take this time to celebrate that we need each other, the plants and animals, dirt and rocks, and air and water all around us, and that they depend upon us.

We are all part of a web of being and each tug of a strand echoes everywhere else, producing the harmony of being and life. It is easy to forget that we really are connected each to each and to act as if we are independent.

On this day we remember our freedom from fear and hate, loss and grief, want and envy as we remember the web that sustains us. Earth and sky protect us from the void, plants and animals sustain us, air and water mix with us each day and other humans labor and love on our behalf, as we do on theirs.

We each give and take every moment of our being and forget this most of our hours and days. On this day each year we revel in the life and freedom all beings and things grant us and acknowledge our part in sustaining this web.

With renewed energy and love we will live the following days more mindful of all about and within us, striving to strengthen the strands between us and guard against cutting them, no matter the temporary comfort we may derive from doing so. We are free and interdependent, have been and always will be.

This day is set aside to rejoice in this.


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