I am often asked questions such as this one.

Presently there seems to be a divisive (dark?) energy working to break us down and distract us from who and what we truly are; steering us away from our sacred way forward. Artificial Intelligence, however useful is adding to all this whilst leadership with integrity continues to decline. No doubt we have brought this upon ourselves and Humanity needs to wake up to itself.

Whilst it is up to each of us to consider our own humanity and return to sacred ways, what is there in the charts and heavenly bodies which brings hope in helping bring us back on track and find our true Self?

While there are planetary cycles that suggest trends and types of events that may occur, such as the rise of Artificial Intelligence under Pluto in Aquarius which astrologers have predicted for years, human behavior is based on choice and therefore cannot reliably be predicted.

You may already know that Hindu sages say that we are in the Kali Yuga (see also this article), and while there is increasing light there is also increasing darkness. Some say that the world seems darker because there is more light and there may be something to that. It’s hard to imagine a darker time than the early part of the 20th century with two world wars and Hitler.
Pluto has just retrograded back into Capricorn, and this idea of breaking down that which no longer serves us will be the theme for the rest of the year while Pluto completes its work transforming our societal structures and foundations. That said, the planets don’t predict a return to sacred ways (I love how you say that) as to do so is up to each individual. I can’t help but hope that as each one of us brings ourselves into congruence with the light, that this light will spread and hope will prevail.
I have brilliant readers, and perhaps you will weigh in with some of your thoughts on this question. 💖
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