Cling to nothing, not even to the idea of letting go.

Remember that releasing the old will happen when you are ready and not a moment before.

Your task is not to force anything, but to ALLOW.

Like leaves falling naturally from the trees in autumn, your past will fall away naturally when you allow it to become truly past.

-Dorothy Mendoza Row


I was working with a client not too long ago who had been working with the Visioncrafting process and was frustrated with the way it was going despite her very hard work.  She was focusing so hard on her vision, she said, that it gave her a headache – yet still nothing happened.

The evolution of our life is a natural process.  Creating a vision for our life is a powerful expression of the soul – and then the soul takes over the path and direction that one needs to take in order to see the vision become a reality that is greater than anything we could have possibly imagined.

To achieve this state of pure being and presence, in which we cling to nothing, we must allow the heart to soften and relax so that the breath can flow freely through the body and the spirit.  Even in the midst of a stressful day or moment we can turn our focus to the path of the breath within the body and unwind any tension that keeps us from an experience of flow.  Is the throat constricted?  Is the chest tight? Is there a gripping feeling in the belly? Allow the breath to fill the body and soften us.

In this way peace can be achieved within, and our lives transformed.



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