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With the Sun and Mercury both in Gemini, the sign of curiosity and change, I thought this was the perfect passage to open up the windows of our Mercury-ruled minds and consider new and different choices.  We are in the second phase of the challenging square from Saturn (structures) to Uranus (radical change), and change is inevitable.  The way in which we approach a big change in our life has much to do with our ability to be curious about new opportunities.

 Curiosity is the right companion of change. It is an attitude that we must elect to hold. As I embrace an attitude of curiosity and wonder, change brings me growth and renewal. It is the key of curiosity which opens the gate to my greater unfolding. As I open my mind and heart, subtle blessings are revealed to me. Life gains new and unexpected graces, colors, textures and benefits. Curosity empowers me to explore new dimensions. Curiosity brings me optimism and hope during difficult times.

Resistance solidifies grief. We can allow our griefs to dissolve through releasing them to the healing rain of tears. As we weep with loss, our spiritual landscape is made anew. All change carries gain as well as loss. As I release situations which have troubled me, I release, too, my identity as troubled. This shift brings with it intense emotion. Grief is the natural and healing companion of loss. Embraced and surrendered to, grief creates transformation.

Julia Cameron, Transitions

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