Here is a glorious poem for us to celebrate today’s fiery Aries Full Moon. Pluto, planet of power and symbolized by the Phoenix bird who is reborn in its own ashes, has just turned direct but is still stationary in the sky, beaming a laser of transformative power. Mars, planet of fire, harmonizes and supports the Aries Moon to encourage initiation and Right Action. Chiron, the healer of the Soul, acts as a constant presence in this Full Moon to force old wounds to the surface where they can be released, freed like butterflies of new energetic freedom.

And on the other side of the equation (for all Full Moons demand an accounting from both sides, a balance that leads to greater equality and harmony) is Libra the very sign of balance, conjunct its ruler Venus to bring a soft mantle of sweet connection. Integration and clearing is the image of this Full Moon, and nothing says it better than these beautiful words from John O’Donohue❤️

The hunger of fire has no need
For the reliquary of the future,
It adores the eros of now,
Where the memory of the earth
In flames that lick and drink the air
Is made to release
Its long-enduring forms
In a powder of ashes
Left for the wind to decipher.

As air intensifies the hunger of fire,
May the thought of death
Breathe new urgency
Into our love of life.

As fire cleanses dross,
May the flame of passion
Burn away what is false.

As short as the time
From spark to flame,
So brief may the distance be
Between heart and being.

May we discover
Beneath our fear
Embers of anger
To kindle justice.

May courage
Cause our lives to flame
In the name of the Fire
and the Flame
And the Light.

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