Seek the beauty in life’s betrayals
For all is forgivable in this grand dance
Find the courage to see through ugliness and be grateful for the reflections of each mirror
For all is an archetypal character playing a part in your own blockbuster movie

Give yourself permission to fail miserably
For all failures are seeds for your greatest triumphs
Allow the mystery of the creative muse to flow through your bone marrow inspiring you to walk your dreaming path
For all is lifting you from the slumber of your innate birthright.
Follow the longings of your soul
For all is an invitation to co-create synchronicity and magic

Look deep within, find the stories you are telling yourself that are not true.

For the future is a reanimation of the past and with pen in hand you have a choice to change the script of your life story here in this now.

For laying dormant inside of you is the secret of secrets and treasure of treasures.

Seek and thy shall find.

In LaK’ech

Grant Eagles

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