Some comments I made on my Facebook page in response to a lot of complaining on the page about Mercury and Uranus turning retrograde elicited lots of great comments that I wanted to share with you.  I posted this:

Friends, I feel moved to talk about something. It’s tempting when we are in a difficult planetary time like this to develop a belief that the planets are causing the problems we may be experiencing in our lives.


Planets don’t cause problems but because they act as teachers, they reveal problems. Then it’s up to us to fix the problems. This is where free will comes in. So in discussions here perhaps it would be helpful to reframe the way we look at things: instead of saying, say, “I hate Mercury retrograde” instead let’s think about how we can use this time productively. How can we learn patience. How can we learn what is really important.

Here is a collection of wisdom posted by readers on the page:

  • learn how to use what you are given – there are always advantages to the influences – warnings are there to help us make smarter decisions not to block us
  • It is the difference between merely having a flashlight or lighting up the whole room..I agree that these problems already existed and the lights (flood lights) in some cases are revealing the Plain Ole truth! I know I am seeing people and situations for what they truly are rather than what I wish them to be!
  • Yes! Again the impetus to blame, point fingers, doesn’t usual bring us answers and pushes the lesson away from our self. It is our consciousness evolving in the lesson our great planetary Devas bring us!
  • it’s like when we hear it’s going to rain, we are thankful that the plants will be watered and then we get out our umbrellas and carry on…..
  • When time schedules, motor vehicles, and electronic devices go kaflooie during Mercury Rx, I try to remember that Spirit is reminding me to slow down, stay put, and unplug. Often, there’s a message that wants manifest but can’t barge through my connections to everything except that which is most important.
  •  I think of Merc Rx as being like a hurricane. We know well ahead of time that it is coming so we can prepare for it and behave accordingly when it is here. It may hit us with a vengeance or barely ruffle a feather. If we forge forward with the same behaviors we are used to it’s more likely we’ll run into the storm or others who have no clue about what is happening. But cursing the storm never makes it go away. I find it an interesting time to watch the energies at play. Cars break down, accidents, computer crashes, strange communications, broken appointments. I also really have to watch out for other drivers or I’m likely to get run over. Be safe everyone!
  • I love what is happening this year astrologically speaking, it’s so empowering and certainly pushes us past comfort zones into a new space is grace, truth and awareness. Thank you for making this point as I too encounter many who blame planets for their experiences… they are giving us amazing opportunities to BE who we truly are…..
  • Having analysed my own transits of 50+ years and observing people and events under transits for the last 5 years I can say that every energy and every constellation is potentially useful and good. People who have a lot of inward or outward pressure might break or are exposed, others who have a victim mentality or live in a dependent state might drown under some skies but this is all the more just a sign of imbalance and a warning. Whether someone knows about Astrology or not – the results are the same. Knowing about it adds the possibility and challenge to prepare for and use the energy that’s available. It all boils down to living a balanced life free from illusions, lies and secrets – whoever aims for this will always find support in the sky.

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