We are in a lull right now between big planetary alignments which push us to crisis followed by evolution. During these times we can heal any cracks in the plane of existence which have caused us trouble in the past, and move forward into an enlightened future, made stronger for the challenges that were endured. I love this short and sweet quote about the power of scars and hope you will too. 💖

“All culture is really an art of scarring. Bodybuilding is the same. You break down the muscle fibers and they reconstitute themselves on a new plane. You become a gladiator, it happens in fragments of time. Physical and mental culture can be linked in a scar. The dramatic events change us. All is scar, really, everything that leads a cultural environment: friendships, death, marriage leave a trace within us, scars of the times. We wear them and show a way to survive everyday life, show we can still carry on, in fact can transform and master it.”

Beatrix Ost

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