I recently stumbled across this piece and wanted to share it.  It’s a blunt reminder of the miracle that we are living, no matter what our personal situation. ❤️

“There is so much magic in life, in these colors, in these shapes, in this drop of shining light in the gigantic dark universe. Yes, our planet is a prodigious miracle, a unique happening in billions of years of evolution, in eons of light-years of space. We will never cherish it enough. We will never be grateful enough. This miracle should be the object of our constant love, joy, and admiration. We should stand in awe before the mysterious forces that brought it into being. But instead, so many of us are complaining, unhappy, and somber. How is that possible? Why can’t we realize that all this could well not be, that evolution could have produced a different planet, a lifeless planet, at another distance from the sun, with a different inclination or orbit, a different atmosphere, flora, and fauna, another human body, heart and mind? All great religions, prophets, and visionaries saw it better than the scientists of today. They demanded respect for creation and for the mysterious forces behind it. Our colossal contemporary knowledge should have increased our elation and our thankfulness for the wonders of nature. Instead, we have lost much of our love and happiness. We must lift ourselves again high above our microscopes, telescopes, books, newspapers and computers, and see again the total beauty of a flower, of a brook, of a woman, of a child, of the world, of the stars.

“Yes, our miraculous planet Earth should irradiate human thankfulness and joy into every direction of the universe.

“The key… is love, affirmation of life, thankfulness for life. … Whatever its name, anyone who receives the gift of life ought to feel fathomlessly indebted to it, for he has been given a unique treasure in the universe. He is a true miracle on a planet that is itself a miracle. He should love life from deep within, whatever others may think or proclaim, despite the wars, the prisons, the injustices, the struggles, the inequalities, the false values, the dogmas, the noises, the ideologies, the jealousies, the fashions, and the contortions of the four billion human fleas jumping around him. I live, therefore I am. Life is beautiful, divine, miraculous, fathomless. Life is to love, to do, to learn, to think, to imagine, to talk, to receive, to feel, to understand, to mate, to give birth, and to embrace in one’s heart and brain the entire creation. In every human life, all can be accomplished. A human being can taste totality and eternity, can penetrate the infinitely small and the infinitely large. There is so much a human can do and experience. The miseries of life are merely specks of dust on a wonderful object of art. Not to revere, not to love, not to wonder, not to be impassioned with the miraculous, brief droplet of life is a crime, a waste, an outrage.”

–from the works of Robert Muller

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