Barn’s burnt down,


I can see the Moon

–haiku by Mizuta Masahide, 17th century Samurai poet

The old structures are falling away.  The destruction is out of our control.  In astrology we call this “Pluto in Capricorn” – in the face of Pluto we feel helpless, unable to hold on as the forms and shapes which make up our life are burned away.

However, forced into the present moment – the now – we encounter new and unfamiliar gifts.  Unable to do battle against this virus, we can only work around it.  The jiu jitsu of using the energy of the opponent to enhance our own advantages.  In order to do this we must learn to live fully in the NOW – the space in which there is no past or future, but simply the present.  The Moon shines a light into the darkness and illuminates a pathway which we would not have otherwise seen, guiding us along the journey from the darkness into light.

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